(Online) Laravel APIs and rst2pdf

Happy New Year, everyone!

This month we have two talks from our organisers, Steve McDougall and Oliver Davies.

Steve will be speaking about building APIs with Laravel.

Oliver will be giving a lightning talk on using rst2pdf to create slide decks (and potentially anything else too).


Thank you to our sponsors:

- Lexis Nexis
- Twilio


We *always* need more speakers! Volunteer to speak or request a topic: [masked] or #speaking in Slack

(Online) GitHub Actions for PHP

This month we have Ryan Chandler joining us to give a talk on GitHub Actions for PHP Applications, covering the basics of getting a pipeline set up with a MySQL database, static analysis, code formatting & linting, testing, etc. We've had various discussions in Slack about GitHub Actions so I hope that this will be interesting and useful for people.

Ryan is also preparing and recording a course on GitHub Actions, which you can find at