Scalable and Powerful: Zend Expressive

Come and join us for our next meetup where we will have Gary Hockin talk all about Zend Expressive:

Zend Expressive is a fully PSR-7 and 12 compliant middleware based micro-framework which you can hang Zend Framework components onto easily. Get started with Zend Expressive with this talk that will introduce you to the core concepts of middleware based frameworks, and the specifics of installing and developing an Expressive app. By the end of the session you'll have all you need to start developing a PSR complaint middleware based Expressive application.


Taking advantage of Serverless PHP to design better API's and Microservices

Join us for the PHP South Wales first official meetup in the heart of Cardiff, where we will hear the fantastic Rob Allen talking about Serverless PHP!

The format will be as follows:

18:30 - Kick off with networking and drinks
19:00 - Rob Allen on Serverless PHP
19:40 - Food, Drinks and Networking
20:15 - Lighting Talks
20:50 - Closing Notes